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 What is a Wizard Control Board?

Blue Point Engineering, manufactures a line of unique circuit boards ("Wizard Boards") designed for usage in both the private and public sectors, primarily in the field of Entertainment Engineering, specifically Animatronics. Wizard Boards are produced in various configurations and have the capability of controlling multiple channels of servo, motor motion, digital outputs and sound control features.

More specifically, Wizard Boards are lower-powered, 7-12 Vdc, self-contained electronic controlling boards, easily programmed by the end user without the use of a computer to perform some or all of the following control functions:

- Operating multiple channels of servo motor motions and their travel movements;
- Activating DC motors in CW and CCW rotation, and to emulate servo control;
- Activating mechanical or solid state relays on board and off board that can be connected to other external devices for control such as DC or AC lights, LEDs, special effects devices, mechanical devices, pumps, pneumatics, solenoids, etc.
- Digitally recording high quality audio and playing back that recorded audio via a solid state recording chip

Once Wizard Boards are programmed with the functions described above, they can be configured to control these devices through remote sensors, trigger devices or RF wireless signals. The Boards can also be setup to operate automatically -- replaying the user-programmed routine -- or to loop the recorded routine, with a user-determined time delay established by an on-board potentiometer. Multiple Wizard boards can be linked (connected by two wires) together and activated as a single operating system

Users program control routines on the Wizard Boards in real time through a set of programming switches, buttons, jumper pins, potentiometer, and LED status lights. Programs are recorded to an EEprom (i.e., on-board RAM memory), and will remain safely recorded in the EEprom for later replays even after the Board's power has been turned off, or the Board has been inactive for a period of time. The EEproms can be re-recorded multiple times with new routines and/or a user can select a channel to be re-programmed independently as needed. The EEproms can be removed, copied to blank EEproms to produce identical shows, or the archived for future use.



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 Why are Some Boards Yellow / Tan and Others Boards Green?

Quick Basic Overview of a Circuit Board:
All circuit boards typically start out as thin sheets of fiberglass about 1mm thick usually a yellow or tan color in appearance from the fiberglass and resin glues used to manufacture it, and are completely covered on both sides with very thin sheets of metal such as copper, tin or even sometimes gold.

Protective ink material is placed down on the board to protect the copper traces (lines, pads, part connection) where copper is not to be removed and then the board is "printed" by etching the board with a strong chemical to dissolve the unprotected copper away from the fiberglass, copper covered board. Once the board has been etched and is now a "printed circuit board" it appears as tan or yellow with copper colored traces on the top and bottom side of the board. Holes are then drilled in the circuit board at specific locations for part placement and mounting. The board is ready to be assembled and electronic parts can now be soldered to the board, or the board can be masked and silk screened.

With some circuit boards a thin mask layer of green plastic or paint may be sprayed to both sides of the pcb before assembly which makes the board appear green (otherwise the pcb would appear pale yellow or tan). This covering called a "solder mask" covers all exposed metal other than the component pads and holes where parts will be attached and soldered to. The purpose of the mask is to prevent stray solder from bridging between two or more circuits on the board and is especially helpful when soldering micro circuits where traces are very close together side by side. This coating is the source of the green tint, sometimes red, blue or white color seen on automated manufactured printed circuit boards.

Sometimes after the green solder mask has been applied, to the pcb a "silk screened printing" may be added. The silk screen print is numbers and letters, part identifications, orientation marks painted on the board that show where components and parts will go onto the board. Usually white or yellow in appearance on the green mask.

What are the advantages of a pcb with a green mask covering.
The green mask is very useful when a circuit board is mass produced in an automated soldering machine (Wave Solder Unit) The mask prevents solder from going or sticking in places not needed on the circuit board. The mask also prevents bridging and cross connection of foil traces or components being soldered to the board automatically. The solder mask can sometimes protect the circuit traces from scratching and discoloring of the copper.

Essentially the green mask is used when a board is being mass produced in an automated machine.

Disadvantages of a green mask pc board
The extra cost of adding a solder mask, silk screen layer drives up the cost of a finished board which also has to be passed to the customer purchasing the boards. Masked, silk screened boards are usually more expensive in low production runs to produce. If a pcb is assembled by hand, then the mask does not really aid the manual assembler, other then to make the component pads more visible. Components on the pcb are usually assembled by automated machine and sometimes may not be aligned on the board or orientated in a horizontal or vertical alignment to the board as parts shift during wave soldering.

What are the advantages of a non masked pcb yellow or tan color board
Savings in producing the circuit board lowers the overall cost of the final pcb greatly. Non masked boards are usually hand assembled, so greater attention to part placement, orientation and solder joints can be maintained. The boards are usually tested, several times during assembly for function and performance as the board is assembled. Custom designed boards can easily be modified, altered and changed just before the etching process and don't have to have mask and silk screens information changed that may take time to adjust to the board layout. Non mask boards are often faster to layout when hand assembled, since the time needed for the application of a mask and silk screen are not needed nor wait times for the paints to cure before assembly can start. Custom designed non masked boards can be produced without a circuit board manufacturing facility needed. (Many non masked boards are etched in home made circuit board etching tanks). A yellow / tan board can become a green masked board before assembly if needed.

Disadvantage of a yellow or tan pcb board
The board has the appearance of the basic fiberglass and resin (yellow or tan look) The board looks hand made and not mass produced. Fancy letter and part placement identification is not on the board, lettering information is sometimes hand written on the pcb.

Green mask and Yellow / Tan pc boards function the same.
Green mask board look nice with different colors available, but cost more that non masked boards to produce. An additional cost that is usually transferred to the customer when the process of a solder mask and silk screen is added.
Non green mask boards cost less to produce in smaller quantity, a savings to customers
Non green boards can be easily custom changed right up until the etching process.
Both boards are usually placed in a box where the green color is never seen again.

Blue Point Engineering uses both masked and non masked boards. The number of each board sold, production cost and the demand for the board determines if it will be automated and assembled (green board) or if it will be hand assembled (yellow / tan board). The whole idea is to build the very best boards with function and reliability at a great cost savings for the customer to purchase in either green or in yellow / tan boards whichever the demand requires.

Note: ( Recent Quote in an Electronics Magazine about circuit boards ) Just because the manufacturer spent extra money for the green coating, doesn't mean that the board is better! Both boards will operate the same and function properly if assembled correctly and with good assembly practices.


 Wikipedia web site info on PCB    


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All Sales Are Final -? Why can't we return products we don't want?

Check MarkWhy would I want to purchase anything from your company with a no refund merchandise policy!
Check MarkWhy are all sales final ?
Check MarkWhat does this all sales final policy really mean to me !

Blue Point Engineering is not unique in offering a no return, all sales are final policy. Many companies throughout the world community have this same policy in place also. We would like to offer a return option, without the all sales are final policy, but unfortunately since we have no control over how the user will use or misuse an electronic controller board, product or item purchased from us, and yes we do have customers who purchase our items to reverse engineer or experiment with, have damaged and destroyed the products, then want their money back, so we can't really offer any returns without effecting the final purchase cost of a product for everyone. If we provided an option for return then we would have to include it in the price of the product, not knowing if that product was or was not abused. Example: If a board is hooked up to the power backwards or even attempted to be powered from the wrong power supply, or the user fail to use proper assembly and connection methods for the products to sensors, servos, relays, etc, just wants to experiment and tryout a board for fun, tries to dissemble the PIC code written in the PIC controller chip, destroying the chip, or any of a hundred other causes of damage which can't always be seen. If a board is returned we have to check it out for function and operation, repackage, clean up rework damages on the product and much more before we can even consider offering it as a product again. The time, hours and labor cost to do this would drive a product price up much higher, as we are trying very hard to keep our products cost effective so anyone can purchase products from us.

We do guarantee all merchandise (except electronic kits and assembly needed kits) to be free of defects in workmanship and material for 30 days from the purchase, delivery date. We will repair or replace, exchange warranty items (No cash will be refunded), at our option providing there is no evidence of customer misuse or alteration to that product item. Defective merchandise will be replaced, exchanged (No money will be refunded and all shipping and handling fees are non - refundable).

What assurance do I get from purchasing your products?
How can I be assured that I am getting what I want if I can't return the product?

Each controller board is tested several times, especially during assembly and sometimes prior to shipment. We know that the board leaves us in excellent working condition and is ready to be setup for use by the customer as a fully functional unit. We try very hard to check all our products being sold for quality, reliable function and workmanship to try and assure that you are getting the very best product we can offer.

We provide support from sales to setup. If you are unsure what you need to purchase, talk with our sales staff who are very knowledgeable on the products you are interested in to help determine if this is what you really need. Talk with our tech support to get help with a product purchased, or information to assist you in setting the product up correctly, or even info about the product before purchasing it. BPE staff has worked very hard to develop the best possible user manuals and guides to help you get setup and operating without a lot of problems or concerns about purchasing a product from us, our user manuals are even on line for you to look at before purchasing a product.

We understand that on some occasions an accident may happen and you do need help on a product for repair. Our staff can assist you and work directly with you to help repair your product and get it working,. We do reserve the right to refuse to replace any merchandise that our Blue Point Engineering technicians determine to be damaged by the user, or through inappropriate use of that merchandise, or unauthorized modification of the product, or it's intended unauthorized application, or attempts to disassemble or alter on-board electronics, by user owned electronics equipment. We can reject any authorized return or repair of that product (Note: we do have to charge for repairs unless the product is under a warranty period and the part / product was defective).

BPE does still offer a Limited Warranty on many of our products.
Blue Point Engineering carries a limited 30 - day warranty on most all items; some items carry an additional number of warranty days or special restrictions. We guarantee all merchandise except electronic kits and assembly needed kits to be free of defects in workmanship and material for 30 days from the purchase, delivery date. We will repair or replace warranty items (No cash will be refunded), at our option providing there is no evidence of customer misuse or alteration to that product item. Defective merchandise will be replaced (No money will be refunded and all shipping / handling fees are non - refundable).

If you receive damaged merchandise, you can obtain a Return Authorization ( RA ) approval from the Blue Point Engineering LLC. accounting department within 5 days of receiving your order. Specify clearly the reason for your refusal. We will exchange returned merchandise for same new merchandise, (no money will be given) within a timely manner once we receive the returned damaged items from you. Proof of mailing is advised, as we cannot be held responsible for loss of the returned merchandise in mail transit. All return postage, shipping / handling fees are non - refundable. The merchandise, including original packing and support materials like manuals, software should be included within your return.

We do exclude from any warranty All electronic kits, assembly needed kits and product items directed listed as warranty excluded.
Due to the fact that electrical components and kits may be damaged during assembly we do not accept any warranty returns, or warranty replacement on purchases of any kits and related electronic parts. We are not able to offer any refunds, apply any warranty or accept returns for any of the following items and products also: R/C servos, R/C accessories or components of, motors DC or AC operated and R/C converted DC motors. All electronic kits, lightning wire, LED's, electronic and electrical parts, pneumatic components, videos, animatronic / robot kits, mechanical units, animatronic components, all books and other specified controller boards as identified as non refundable.

If you have any questions, concerns about our policies, please call us, email or communicate with us.

(303) 651-3794


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