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0-10 Vdc Output Controller
0-10 Volts programmable output
Adjustable Solenoid Driver
Adjustable ON / OFF output
Water/Air Valve Controllers
Water / Pneumatic Valve Control
R/C - PWM to Analog Converter
Servo PWM to 0-10 Vdc output
Mini Sensor Driver
Universal Sensor Controller

Blue Line

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 R/C Servo to Analog
Converter Module
Hardware Description

Servo to Analog

Small Board Size:
3-5/8" L x 1-1/4" W x 3/4" H

Servo to Analog Board

PWM to Analog Document

R/C-PWM to Analog Converter Module

This servo-analog converter board provides a two channel capability of converting standard R/C servo PWM pulses to 0-10 Vdc and/or 0-5 Vdc outputs suitable for driving standard lighting dimmer packs or any device that requires a 0-5 and/or 0-10 Vdc variable controlled analog signal input.

Servo input pin headers from R/C unit.
2 - Channel Analog 0-5 and/or 0-10 Vdc DC output is available from the 4 way terminal block for wire connection.
No external power supply is required, the module takes it's supply from the incoming servo drive connections.
Servo inputs: 1 to 2msec pulses.
1-msecs servo pulse gives 0 V DC output.
2-msecs servo pulse gives 5 and/or 10 VDC output.
0-5 and/or 0-10 Vdc DC Analog outputs in 80mV increments.
125 steps between 0 and 10 Vdc available.
Maximum drive current -10mA.
Small Board Size:
3-5/8" L x 1-1/4" W x 3/4" H

  Product Description
Catalog No.  Price US $
R/C Servo to Analog Converter Module PWC-2202 $ 85.00
Lighting Dimmer Board


$ 52.00

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 Solenoid / Air Valve Driver Hardware Description
Air Cannon Valve
Board Size: 2-5/8" L x 2-1/4" W

Solenoid Driver Manual

Solenoid / Air Valve Driver

This small board will operate an electric solenoid, or air valve
On and Off from very slow to extremely fast as needed.
On board adjustment allow for speed, time On / Off settings.

Board output power control 12 - 24 Vdc, @ 10 Amp Max.
Controller has Time and Dwell adjustable settings
Can be configuration for Burst mode or Continuous mode
output operations from remote switch, manual or relay setup.
Jumper Setting for Auto Start up features.
On - board wire terminals for trigger switch, power input, solenoid or valve load connection.

Great Haunted Prop Controller, Air Cannon Controller
( Power supply, switch and solenoid / Valve not included )

  Product Description
Catalog No.  Price US $
Adjustable Solenoid / Air Valve Driver SDB-0050
 $ 75.00

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0-10 Vdc Output
Programmable Controller Board
Hardware Description
variable voltage output board
Board Size:
5-1/4" Long x 3-1/2" Wide x 1" High

Power Supply
7-24 V DC @ 100 mAmp
Power Supply ..

Board is pre-assembled and tested.

Controller Instructions

0-10 Vdc Programmable Output Controller

A unique 0-10 Vdc programmable output controller board allows user to control DC voltage output in several different ways. The output voltage is in 0.5V increments from 0 to 10V DC at up to 25 mA. There is a 4-Line by 16 Character back-lit LCD that is the user interface for programming the different modes of operation. There are 8 modes of operation available to the user. These modes are set up and initiated using a menu-driven display with input being made by 4 on board pushbuttons.
The board requires 12 to 24V DC at least 100 mA power supply.
Programmable Recording time - 10 Minutes
Some of the user modes include ramp up/down voltage, 0-10 Vdc full on, power up and hold and more.

Controller has remote trigger for remote activation,, on board potentiometer to set and program variable voltage outputs, Power On and Off switch, LED, sync port to trigger other boards connected. Wire terminal blocks, power jack for easy hook-up.

Controller can be used to operate Luxeon LED puck driver modules, Solid State Relays and Dimmers Modules, commercial special effects modules as well as operate most remote devices that are controlled by variable 0-10Vdc input control signals.

Max board output current is 25 mAmp

Power supply, eternal devices not included

  Product Description
Catalog No.  Price US $
0-10 Vdc Output Controller Board VVO-4500 $ 395.00
Custom Order, Please Contact Blue Point Engineering for Details

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Pump - Air / Water Driver Board Hardware Description

Click on image for a closeup view

Example application

Board Size:
2-1/2" L x 2" W x 1-1/4" H

Pump - Air / Water Driver Board - 10 Amp

Board controls the switching ON and OFF of an Air / Water pump from a remote signal, switch, relay or programmable controller board.

Connect the Solid State Digital Relay Switch Board to any remote switch, Relay or Wizard Board and have the option of switching ON and OFF a pump. The Board will switch from 9 VDC to 12 VDC directly through on-board Solid State Relay at 10 Amps to pump

Attached Pump is powered directly from on board with quick connector and wire terminal block for easy set-up and control.

Power Control 9-12 VDC @ 10 Amp

(VDC output power supply, pump not included))
Board Size: 2-1/2" L x 2" W x 1-1/4" H

Example application - Air Pump Control

  Product Description
Catalog No.  Price US $
Pump - Air / Water Driver Board - 10 Amp MWC-0344 $ 190.00
Mini Air Pump


$ 85.00
High Flow Fluid Pump


$ 87.98
Mini Fluid Pump 


$ 46.25

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 Mini Sensor Driver Hardware Description

Click on image for a closeup view
Board Size:
1-3/4" L x 1-1/4" W x 1/2" H

Mini Sensor Driver

Universal sensor board will power any 3 wire sensor with 5 vdc connection for power, ground and sensor signal connection. Sensor will activate Solid State Relay when triggered

Connection terminal strip for power, relay output.
LED's show board power and relay output status.
On Board Test Switch to activate Solid State Relay

Solid State Relay isolates load from sensor
Solid State Relay = 2 Amp Relay is Normal Open N.O. mode)
On and Off Board Power switch and Status LED

Board requires 9 Vdc regulated supply

Power supply, PIR Sensor, Remote Sensors not included
Wizard, Puppet, Sound Boards not included.

  Product Description
Catalog No.  Price US $
Mini Sensor Driver MSD-1093  $ 85.00
PIR Sensor    
Untrasonic Sensor    




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